This is a temporary website. A full archive of work and descriptions will be available soon.
This is a temporary website. A full archive of work and descriptions will be available soon.

Disclosures made as necessitated by law or safety
Your name, physical address, phone number, password and other personal information provided to us are considered confidential. We value your privacy, and information you supply to us will not, except in very limited circumstances, be shared with third parties for any reason. We will supply your information if necessary to comply with applicable law and/or to cooperate with law enforcement. Your information may also be shared in order to comply with a request or order by a judiciary authority.

Information collected during project commencement/design process
We require that you provide us with certain information which may include Account Data (i.e., your name, physical address, email address, phone number, username, and password), Financial Data (i.e., credit card/billing information).

You are responsible for information given to third parties
We may process credit card transactions via third party hosting services such as, Wordpress, GoDaddy and Media Temple who use industry standard encryption through third party processors, which processors only use your information for that purpose. Financial data is considered private information and will not be shared by us with third parties except with your authorization and as necessary to carry out orders placed by you with the understanding by you that such transaction(s) may be subject to the rules and policies of such third party. Financial or other Data provided by you to any companies or websites advertising on the Site or in response to emails sent to you by the Site are not governed by this Privacy Policy. Any information provided by you to a third party, and any transaction with such a third party, is subject to that third party’s terms and conditions and privacy policy.


Emails from us and use of your email address
Your email address will be used by us to contact you or in the event that we have project and studio updates or other information to provide you. Such information may include, without limitation, new services offered by us, information relating to your account/s and other information related to your subscription to third party hosting service. We may send you emails prior to and after you have terminated your membership with the third party hosting services until such time as you advise us, in accordance with the procedures explained below, that you no longer wish to receive email from us. If you no longer wish to receive emails from us please notify us by sending us an email to ( Please note we will never send you an email directly or through any marketing partners without your consent. Please immediately report any emails you may receive, without your prior authorisation.

Changes in the ownership of a site
Your website is a growing online service. As such, you may have the occasion to buy or sell assets, including but not limited to merger, dissolution, and transfer of ownership. Depending upon the nature of any transaction, we may share any and all data provided by you to us (including Financial Data and Account Information) with third parties, as necessary to initiate, investigate or complete any such transaction(s).

By accepting the Terms and Conditions during project commencement, you (the client) expressly consent to the use and disclosure of personal information in the manner described in this Privacy Policy.

Changes to the privacy policy

We may change this privacy policy at any time. No change in the privacy policy will be effective until thirty (30) days after it is posted, unless the privacy policy has clear language indicating otherwise. Upon making changes to our privacy policy, we will publish a new "last modified" date below.


If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy you may email us at ( If you have any questions regarding Wordpress’ or other third party hosting services, GoDaddy, Media Temple and their respective Privacy Policy's, please refer to their Policy.

Last modified 02.12.19